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 Core Academy of Science nurtures the next generation of faithful, Christ-like creation researchers to explore the hardest problems in creation.  Are you a student interested in creation research as a career?  Core Academy is for you!

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We invite you to enjoy one of our premier getaway in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.   Our retreats challenge the mind and refresh the soul.


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Core Academy is hiring!

We are thrilled to announce our first full-time opening at Core Academy!  We are looking for an outgoing, organized individual to be our office manager.  The office manager will take[…]

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May 28, 2019 0

Hard questions: Death and the Fall

In Genesis 2-3, the Bible tells the story of Adam and Eve, who were originally created for fellowship with God in the garden of Eden but who fell into sin[…]

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March 27, 2019 0

The Fool and the Heretic – Dr. Wood’s Latest Book

  Dr. Wood’s newest book, The Fool and the Heretic will be released from Zondervan next week.  The book is co-authored with Darrel Falk, former president of BioLogos and a proponent[…]

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January 29, 2019 0

The Hardest Problems in Creation

Core Academy of Science encourages young Christian scholars to explore the hardest problems in creation. Engineers sometimes classify problems as easy, hard, and impossible. Easy problems are trivial because they can be solved merely by applying known principles. Impossible problems cannot be solved no matter how hard we try. Hard problems are the problems in between that require the most work but yield the greatest rewards. Sometimes hard problems are accumulations of many easy problems, and sometimes they turn out to be impossible. When a hard problem is solved, though, it is widely celebrated.

For Christians and especially young-age creationists, understanding creation has many “hard problems.” Evidences of the great age of the universe and earth can be difficult to explain. Likewise with evidences of evolution. Creationists reject the conventional explanations that involve millions of years and humans evolving from animals, but alternative explanations that satisfy our scientific curiosity and our desire to remain true to the revealed Word of God are much rarer and not widely accepted. It is much easier to focus on the detection of error rather than the more difficult discovery of truth….

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Challenge your mind and refresh your spirit at one of our creation retreats.  Spend the weekend with friendly people, curious scholars, and passionate teachers.  Learn what it’s like to explore the hardest questions in creation.

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February, 2020 Spend time with colleagues tackling the hardest questions while relaxing in the Smoky mountains of Pigeon Forge, TN.

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Together, the Core Academy team has forty years of experience in creation research, twenty years in education, and nearly sixty scientific research publications.  We have the expertise and know-how to guide you to an exciting career as a research scholar.

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