We are excited to present our new lab project! Thanks to the kind partnership of Rhea County Academy and our many generous supporters, we have a new building on the RCA campus. We have paid for the building, and we just finished our $10,000 renovation goal (Read all about it at Dr. Wood blog). Praise the Lord for supplying our needs! We are now raising a final $1,000 to equip our new lab.

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PO Box 1076
Dayton, TN 37321


In May, 2017, we learned that a local school district would be auctioning two portable classrooms, each with 1440 square feet divided into two classrooms, bathrooms and closets. We knew that our local Christian school, Rhea County Academy, needed to expand, and we offered to buy one of the classroom buildings if they would allow us to set it up on their campus. They gladly agreed, and on May 30, RCA won the auctions for both buildings. Thanks to the generosity of our donors and the grace of God on the auction, Core Academy was able to pay cash for the building and the costs of moving and installing it.

The buildings at their current location in Bledsoe County, TN.

The Core Academy building will house both the offices and library as well as a full science classroom for Rhea County Academy. We will be able to house all our equipment and our growing historical archives. From this building, we will be able to continue our work developing books and curricular materials for high school students, mentoring college interns, researching the wonders of God’s creation, and sharing those wonders with the world.

The plan for the Core Academy building


God has been immensely generous in providing the needed funds to renovate the building, and now we are raising a final $1,000 to equip our laboratory. Because we are committed to remain debt free, we need your help to meet the final costs to prepare our building and lab for the fall semester. For the past four years of Core Academy’s existence, we have been overwhelmed by your generosity and God’s kindness to us. We are confident that God can provide our need once more. We are asking you now to

  • Pray for our new building and God’s generous provision
  • Consider volunteering either your special construction skills or just helping us move
  • Ask God what you can do to help us meet our financial need

Contributions can be made online through Paypal or by check to our address below. Thank you for your kind support, and keep checking this page for updates!

Help support our growth with a one time donation!
PO Box 1076
Dayton, TN 37321


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Core Academy depends upone your donations to accomplish their work. Please consider making a tax deductable donation. We are a 501(c)(3) entity. If you would like to send a check, please make your donation payable to Core Academy of Science and send it to Core Academy of Science, PO Box 1176, Dayton, TN 37321.

You can also donate securely online through Paypal. We can schedule an online, monthly donation automatically charged to your credit card

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