exploring the hardest problems in creation

Middle and High School Classes

Core Academy is pleased to partner with to provide middle school and high school science courses for homeschool students.  We currently offer Earth Science for middle school and Biology and Advanced Chemistry for high school students.  Learn more at the Schoolhouse Teachers website.

Lecture Series

During the school year, we offer monthly public lectures on topics related to the creation and evolution debate.  Attendance is free and you can ask questions and participate in the discussion.  All lectures are filmed and can be found on YouTube.

Lecture Schedule for Fall, 2018

September 11, Introducing Grandpa Thag: Neandertals in Your Family Tree – One of the most startling discoveries of the modern age revealed that Europeans and Asians have Neandertal ancestors!  Come find out how this discovery was made and what it means for you, your family, and the meaning of “humanity.”

October 2, John Reid’s Amazing Fossilized Shoe – A few years before the Scopes Trial, Nevada resident John T. Reid claimed to have discovered a fossilized shoe from the Triassic.  Despite showing the “fossil” to several museums of the day, he was unable to convince anyone of the importance of his discovery.  Come explore Reid’s original “fossil shoe” scrapbook, now part of the Core Academy archives, and judge this strange discovery for yourself!

November 6, What is a created kind? – Creationists often refer to “created kinds” when they talk about evolution or Noah’s Ark.  What is a created kind?  How do we recognize them?  What can we learn from them?  Join us as we dig into this vital subject for building a creationist understanding of biology.

Spring 2018 Public Lectures