Core Academy of Science will develop a new entry-level high school curriculum called “Introduction to Science” during the 2015-2016 school year.  The new curriculum is designed to focus specifically on the process and philosophy of science, in order to equip students to cope in a scientific world.

“This course will fill an important need in high school science curriculum.  Too often, American science classes become trivia memorization instead of explorations of the way science works and how we know things in the first place.  Students get excited about science when they learn the joy of discovery,” said Core Academy president Todd Wood.  Dr. Wood will write the curriculum with Core Academy director of education Stephanie Wood.

In keeping with Core Academy’s mission to help Christians better understand and appreciate science, the new curriculum will speak directly to issues of science and faith.  The curriculum will be tested in a classroom setting at Rhea County Academy, where Mrs. Wood is the science teacher.  “I’m excited to teach my students that science is more about asking good questions than it is about remembering the answers,” said Mrs. Wood.


The curriculum will begin with philosophy and history of science, emphasizing a “critical realist” view of science that is compatible with Christian theology.  The course will also cover logic and rationality, experimental design, and how to read science articles.  In the final section of the course, students will learn about scientific issues important to the faith, including creation/evolution, biotechnology, environmental and medical ethics, and stewardship.  Students completing the course will be equipped to appreciate and value science without losing their faith.

In the fall of 2016, Core Academy will make the curriculum available to other Christian schools for a second year of review and improvement.  If you know of a school that might be interested in trying out the curriculum for the 2016-2017 school year, please contact Core Academy.


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