Coming March 17-19, 2017: An exciting creationist retreat in the scenic Smoky Mountains! Why? There's a nice nucleus of creationist researchers here in the southeast, and we just like to get together to talk shop. This time, we've rented a luxury cabin for the weekend, and we're bringing our students along for the ride.

The Details

The program will consist of informal presentations designed to spark thoughtful conversation. Our theme this year is "The Fossil Record," and Marcus Ross of Liberty University will be guiding us as we consider creationist approaches to fossils. Saturday afternoon is free for whatever. We'd be delighted to add student presentations, if any faculty happen to have some students they can convince (or require) to present.

There are also gift bags with free goodies. Last year, the bags included a book and an exclusive poster only available at the retreat. What will be in the 2017 gift bag? There's only one way to find out: Come and get one for yourself! (If you have something you'd like to give away in the gift bag, please let us know.)

We rented a large cabin in Pigeon Forge, TN for Friday and Saturday night March 17-19, 2017. There are ten bedrooms and two separate bunkrooms for extra space. Think of this as a really big sleepover! Core Academy will provide the food, and everyone in attendance will share the preparation and cleanup duties. We'll ask for volunteers to help prepare the meals and clean up after. There will be five meals provided (from dinner Friday to breakfast on Sunday).

All of this comes for one low cost of $45 per ticket. Every individual coming must have a separate ticket, even if you're married and bringing a spouse. There are only 27 tickets, so don't wait until the last minute if you want to come, because it might sell out. Ready to buy your ticket? Click that big "Buy Now" button to go directly to our checkout, powered by Paypal.

Weekend Schedule

We're still working on all the details for the 2017 retreat, but the schedule will follow pretty closely what we've done during past retreats. Friday night: Arrival, dinner, Welcome Session. Saturday: breakfast, GIFT BAGS!, Morning Session, Lunch, free time, Dinner, Last Session. Sunday: breakfast, cleanup, departure. Each Session will consist of a combination of presentation and discussion.


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