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About CELD

The Creation-Evolution Literature Database was established in 2001 in response to the need for a freely-available computerized database of literature pertaining to the creation/evolution controversy. The goal of CELD is to archive every periodical ever published about the creation/evolution or religion/science debate. CELD is now maintained by Core Academy of Science, with sponsorship from Is Genesis History?.

What's in CELD? Although the main goal is to archive young-earth creationist literature, CELD also maintains indices for periodicals covering progressive creationism (e.g. RTB's Facts for Faith), theistic evolution (e.g. Science and Christian Belief), religion and science (e.g. Zygon), and Biblical archaeology (e.g. Bible and Spade). We also have some historically-interesting publications, such as the Bulletin of the Deluge Geology Society and the Journal of the Transactions of the Victoria Institute. Our present database consists of publications from 1873 to the present. Additionally, CELD contains several titles, such as Cryptozoology, that pertain only peripherally to the creation/evolution debate.

How are these materials archived? CELD policy is to record the full citation for every published item, including an 'abstract.' For most articles, the CELD abstract is identical to the abstract published with the article. For items without published abstracts (editorials, book reviews, notes, letters), we record the first paragraph for long pieces or the first sentence for shorter ones. The only exception to this is when the opening paragraph of an item is an extended quote, in which case we record the first block of text after the quote. Note also that items that are exclusively quoted or excerpted from other sources (e.g. "Quotable Quotes") are generally excluded from CELD. Because CELD is a work in progress, approximately 5% of the references in CELD still await abstracts.
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