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CELD Tutorial

To use CELD:

  1. Type your search criteria into the box. You can use quotation marks to denote phrases and AND, OR, and NOT for simple boolean searches. The search engine does not support nested boolean searches at this time.
  2. Click the Search button. This will then display a page of your search results.
  3. To view multiple abstracts click the check box beside the citation to select the abstract. Then click the View Selected Abstracts button at the bottom of the page to view the abstracts you selected.
  4. To view a single abstract click on the title of the article.
  5. From the single abstract page, different options are available (which are not available on the multiple abstract page).
    1. Click on the journal abbreviation to access an information sheet on the journal, including the full name of the journal, the publisher, the publisher's website, and the publication period.
    2. Click on the author's name in the Options box to find other articles by that author.
    3. If the Full text of the article is available a Full Text icon will appear in the Options box. Click on it to be transfered to the publishers website.
    4. Click Print to format the page for printing thereby removing the Options box.

For best results try these helpful hints

Author searches
  1. Authors can be found using simple quotation marks enclosing the author's last name followed by a comma and the first initial. For example, "Snelling, A" or "Ham, K".
  2. Do not use the Author's first name as a search criteria. CELD does not record this information.
  3. Avoid using the author's middle initial. A single author choice of using his middle initial can vary from article to article. For any author, you are more likely to find all of his articles if you just go by his first initial. For instance, 'Snelling, A' will bring back more results than 'Snelling, AA')
Other tips
  1. By default, multiple words without quotation marks will return results only with all of the words present, either in the author, title, or abstract.
  2. Wildcards are not needed since partial words will return results. For example, a search for 'radio' will return 'radiometric' as well as 'radiocarbon'.

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