Core Academy at the International Conference on Creationism

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Core Academy at the International Conference on Creationism

July 24, 2018 Conferences Research 0

The International Conference on Creationism is coming up next week, and Core Academy will be there presenting the results of our latest research.  Dr. Wood has two technical papers in the conference, one of which is based on a recent student internship research project.  Core Academy board member Roger Sanders has three technical papers in the conference, including two on fossilized floating trees of the Paleozoic.  Dr. Wood will also be participating in a panel session on created kinds on Monday afternoon.

Our intern project searched for created kinds in 82 different fossil mammal groups, which is the largest number of groups ever evaluated in a single study.  The research revealed the first evidence of the kangaroo, skunk, and pig created kinds.  In addition, most of the research corroborated the created kind studies that informed the design of the Ark Encounter.  The research will be presented Monday morning at 8:00 am, so please stop by and support our research internships.

Additionally, our friends at Cornerstone Educational Supply will have copies of Dr. Wood’s new book The Quest: Exploring Creation’s Hardest Problems.  Stop by their booth to pick up the first copies of this wonderful new resource.  Since Dr. Wood will be attending the entire conference, you might even track him down for an autograph!

See the ICC website for the full schedule, and check out our papers right here: