The Quest now available!

exploring the hardest problems in creation

The Quest now available!

August 6, 2018 Publications 0

We are excited to announce that Dr. Wood’s newest book is now available.  Part theology, part philosophy, and deeply personal, The Quest: Exploring Creation’s Hardest Problems describes everyone’s quest to understand God’s work in the world.  You’ve never read a creationist book like this one!

Every day, scientists make thousands of new discoveries as they uncover the wonders of God’s creation. At the same time, scientific theories about evolution and the origin of the universe challenge traditional Christian beliefs about God’s creation. Did God really create human beings by evolution? Or are the Bible’s stories of the Garden of Eden and the great flood true? Can we ever hope to answer these hard questions?

What if these challenges aren’t merely problems to be solved but an invitation to a lifetime of discipleship seeking God? Thus begins The Quest, a unique perspective on creation and evolution that encourages faith, commitment, and curiosity in the face of uncertainty. Science and biblical creation walk hand in hand as we explore God’s creation. God calls us to experience the joy of questions and the beauty of his handiwork on The Quest.

“I am really excited about the forthcoming release of The Quest: Exploring Creation’s Hardest Problems by my friend Dr. Todd Wood. Every Christian wanting to understand how an informed young-age creationist can boldly face the many scientific challenges concerning origins, while remaining faithful to the Bible, needs to read this inspiring book. It’s like no other creation book you’ve ever read, and deserves the widest circulation.”
—Paul Garner, Biblical Creation Trust

“Thank you for writing The Quest!”
—Brian Hill, Bryan College

Read a sneak peek of the prologue.

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