The Fool and the Heretic – Dr. Wood’s Latest Book

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The Fool and the Heretic – Dr. Wood’s Latest Book

January 29, 2019 Hard Questions Publications 0


Dr. Wood’s newest book, The Fool and the Heretic will be released from Zondervan next week.  The book is co-authored with Darrel Falk, former president of BioLogos and a proponent of “evolutionary creation,” a form of theistic evolution.  Dr. Wood is a committed young-age creationist, as we all are at Core Academy.  The book documents part of their relationship over the past five years as they have struggled to move beyond simply arguing to a deeper understanding of conflict and unity in Christ.

In a recent blog post, Dr. Wood described the difficulties of writing the book and why he bothered in the first place:

What good is this book? If it’s such a challenging book, why did I agree to be a part of this project? First of all, it was an opportunity to speak to a tribe that doesn’t often choose to listen to thoughtful creationists. That seemed like a worthy opportunity that I shouldn’t take lightly. Second, I do think there is truth in our experience and in the book. In this modern polarized climate, where different tribes see no other option but to demonize and denigrate others, we Christians need to find and demonstrate a better way. Because the direction the culture is going now is basically 1984, regardless of who’s in charge. When you decide that your ideological enemy is pure evil and must be stopped, tyranny and oppression are right around the corner. We can do better. We must do better.

Core Academy of Science focuses on the hardest problems of creation.  Trying to understand how to treat those who hold different views and might even work against your own views is one of the hardest problems of all.  That’s why we suggest you take a look at The Fool and the Heretic.

The book is available in paperback, e-book, and audiobook.