Sanders Scholarship Fund now taking applications!

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Sanders Scholarship Fund now taking applications!

August 6, 2019 Research Sanders Scholarship 0


Core Academy of Science is pleased to announce open applications for the 2020 Sanders Scholarship program.  Core Academy will award two $4,000 scholarships in December for use in the 2020 calendar year.  Undergraduate or graduate students who are working to become scholars and would like additional first-hand training with an established mentor should consider applying for these scholarships.

The Sanders Scholarship Fund supports faculty mentoring of original student research and scholarly activity related to creation and origins. Research or scholarly work can be done in a variety of fields including science, social sciences, and theology. Projects should contribute to the development and understanding of the young-age creationist model of origins.

“I’m looking forward to seeing a new generation of outstanding students trained as Sanders Scholars,” said Todd Wood, president of Core Academy. “My friend Roger Sanders, for whom the fund is named, would be delighted to see that his legacy of mentoring students will continue.”

Core Academy of Science established the Sanders Scholarship Fund in 2018 to support scientific mentoring of a new generation of creation scholars. The Fund was named in honor of Roger W. Sanders, the co-founder of Core Academy who passed away last year. To learn more and download the application guide, please check out the Sanders Scholarship website.