I’m Not Applying, But I Want to Help!

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I’m Not Applying, But I Want to Help!

October 7, 2020 Conferences Sanders Scholarship 0


This Friday, October 9th, is the deadline for applications for the 2021 Sanders Scholarship Award. This award consists of up to $4,000 in funding for research and up to $1,000 in travel support for the student to attend the annual Origins conference. This scholarship was created to support faculty mentoring of original student research related to creation and origins. The scholarship was made in honor of Dr. Roger Sanders whose heart for mentoring students was unmatched so we created this program as his legacy. If you want to read more about the scholarship and your potential eligibility go to coresci.org/sanders

You may be thinking, “But I’m not a scientist, student, or mentor….so why should I care?” Well then this post is for you!

The Sanders fund wouldn’t exist without the continual support from our ministry’s community. This support included incredible financial support from donors, promotion of the the opportunity by fellow educators and organizations, and plenty of prayer! Right now we’re asking for prayer for those who are currently being funded by the scholarship that they’re able to perform their research smoothly because COVID-19 has not made things easy for them. We also ask for prayer for our selection committee as they decide upon the recipient of the 2021 scholarship. Finally, be in prayer for all those who decide to apply and that even if they’re not selected that they’re able to continue their research and build that student/mentor relationship. 



Now if you’re wanting to support or already support the Sanders Fund we’ve got an exciting opportunity for you coming up next month! November 6-7th Core Academy of Science will be hosting a virtual event/conference called the Creation Celebration: Exploring the Wonder of God’s World. This conference features 20+ speakers discussing questions such as “How do I teach dinosaurs to my kids?” answered by Dr. Marcus Ross, “Why does Creationism matter to the average church-going evangelical?” answered by Dr. Hans Madueme, and “Wasn’t Creationism defeated in the Scopes Trial?” answered by Tom Davis. These are only a few examples of some of the questions our friends have answered, and along with this content there will also be panel discussion and a live Q&A with some of our speakers. 

“Now how is this in support of the Sanders Fund?” 

Well, all speakers are donating their time so that we can do this event with no cost to Core Academy so that every dollar made from this event whether in ticket sales or donations will go directly to support the Sanders Fund, which is the the continuation of Dr. Roger W. Sanders legacy of mentoring. Tickets are only $15 so click the photo and snatch yours up and support our ministry and this scholarship!