The Creation Celebration Continues!

exploring the hardest problems in creation

The Creation Celebration Continues!

November 9, 2020 Conferences Sanders Scholarship 0


Our first online conference and it was a huge success, but we know there are many people who weren’t able to join us. So, we’ve decided to keep the “celebration” going and give access to anyone who would like to still participate the conference. By registering you’ll be given access to all the presentations made by our speakers and the recorded panel discussions that were held during the conference. All proceeds from this continued event will still be going directly to the Roger W. Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Panel Discussions Include: 

  • Todd Wood, Marcus Ross, and Paul Garner discuss the Creation
  • Todd Wood, Marcus Ross, and Paul Garner discuss the Fall and it’s impact on God’s creation
  • Todd Wood, Marcus Ross, and Paul Garner discuss the Flood and it’s impacts on God’s creation

Speakers Include:

  • Dr. Matt McLain (The Master’s University): “What are dinosaurs, their created kinds, and what does their paleontology tell us about the Flood?”
  • Dr. Jean Lightner (Creation Research Society): “Could we feel pain before the Fall?” & “How many creatures were on Noah’s Ark?”
  • Dr. Steve Gollmer (Cedarville University): “What is the deal with the Ice Age, and how does it fit into a young-age creationism model?”
  • Doug Smith (Current Sanders Scholar/ PhD Student): Sanders Scholar Testimonial & “Why study Hebrew when we have so many good English translations?”
  • Dr. Andrew Fabich (Truett McConnell University): “What is the best Design-argument from a biochemistry perspective?”
  • Tom Hennigan (Truett McConnell University): “Why should Christians care about the environment, and what are some practical things we can do to care for the creation?”
  • Dr. Andrew Snelling (Answers in Genesis): “What do we as young-age creationists do with radiometric dating?” & “What was the Flood from a geological perspective?”
  • Dr. Abebayehu Desalegn (Wolaita Sodo University): Testimonial
  • Dr. Jeremy Blaschke (Union University): “Did God create parasites?”
  • Dr. Neal Doran (Bryan College): “What is the order of the fossil record, and how do we explain it as young-age creationists?”
  • Dr. Timothy Standish (Geoscience Research Institute): “What is the importance of the Sabbath? What is Sabbath keeping important as part of the structure of God’s Creation?” and “What is your favorite design argument?”
  • Paul Garner (Biblical Creation Trust): “What are some evidences for the Flood in Great Britain and Northern Ireland?”
  • Dr. Joseph Francis (The Master’s University): “What is the Biomatrix and why should we care?”
  • Dr. Gordon Wilson (New Saint Andrews University & The Riot & the Dance): “What is the purpose of the creation, and do we have a responsibility to it?”
  • Dr. Hans Madueme (Covenant College): “Why does Creationism matter to the average church-going evangelical?”
  • Dr. Mael Disseau (Truett McConnell University): Testimonial
  • Dr. Lucinda Hill (Southern Adventist University): “Evidence for Design within the human body”
  • Matthew Pickhaver & Dr. Stephen Lloyd: (Biblical Creation Trust): “What is the state of Christianity and Creationism in the UK?”
  • Christian Britto: Testimonial
  • Dr. Marcus Ross (Liberty University & Cornerstone Educational Supply): “What do we make of the Chicxulub crater?” and “How to Teach Dinosaurs to Kids?”
  • Tom Davis: “Wasn’t Creationism defeated in the Scopes Trial?”
  • Dr. Todd Wood: “Is Creationism Just a Modern Theological Idea”