Why a Podcast?

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Why a Podcast?

February 5, 2021 Publications 0


Starting Monday, March 1st, 2021 we will be launching our first podcast in partnership with Biblical Creation Trust, called “Let’s Talk Creation.” In this new adventure Dr. Todd Wood and Paul Garner will discuss topics such as faith, science, theology, origins, evolution, and so much more. If you’ve wanted to know more about these two scientists then this will be the podcast for you! It won’t be a technical lecture rather an opportunity for the hosts to answer common questions, discuss news within science, and just do life together. 

So why a podcast? 

With the continued implications of a worldwide pandemic we’re still not able to operate our ministry as we normally would so we’re continually looking for ways to reach others and continue to work to answer the hard questions found throughout God’s creation. Using this new format we’ll be able to reach a more contemporary audience. People will be able to access our content in ways they haven’t been able to before, and there will be a brand new way for our supporters to be a part of our ministry. 

With biweekly updates Todd and Paul will start the podcast with three introductory episodes to who they are, what they do, and the focus of the podcast. From there the podcast will include updates on their ministries, what they are researching, and will even feature guest speakers from time to time. If you’re interested in helping us move forward share about the podcast with your friends! We have a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram so go like and share. You will be able to stream Let’s Talk Creation on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, and YouTube. 


Let’s Talk Creation Podcast