What Makes Us Different?

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What Makes Us Different?

June 14, 2021 Administration 0


There are an estimated 1.5 million registered nonprofits in the United States, and almost 55,000 in the state of Tennessee. With this many organizations in existence it may cause an individual to wonder what makes Core Academy of Science stand apart from all the other 501(c)3 entities vying for their money.

So how are we different? What makes Core Academy of Science a ministry that you want to support through prayer and maybe through donation?

You’ve probably heard the lines all before how we aim to answer the hard questions and are working to raise up the next generation of Christian scholars. All of that is entirely true! But this ministry is so much more than that. Core Academy is working to bring researchers together no matter their field to help us discover more about God and His creation. It’s about having discussions with people who hold different beliefs from us so that we can learn how to be better witnesses of our faith. Core Academy is focuses on the Great Commission given to believers in Matthew 28:19-20 in the everyday world around us.

Our ministry may not be conventional as we are not taking mission trips to third-world countries or working to house the homeless. But we can promise you that we are doing exactly what God has placed on our hearts to further His Kingdom.

We have a variety of ministries we work with to help us achieve our goals, and our own projects we’re continually working on behind the scenes to reach more people. If you want to know more about who we partner with or what we’re working on check out some of the links below. For now consider donating to Core Academy of Science, any amount helps and if a monetary gift is not something you can do then please be in prayer for us.


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