Register for Creation Celebration 2021: God is My Refuge

exploring the hardest problems in creation

Register for Creation Celebration 2021: God is My Refuge

August 9, 2021 Creation Celebration Sanders Scholarship 0


Even though we as believers can celebrate the beauty and wonders of God’s creation, we can’t overlook the darker parts that remind us of divine judgment.  From viral diseases to venomous snakes to hurricanes, earthquakes, and tidal waves, the sorrow of this world can be great.  But even the disciples marveled at Jesus calming the storm, we can find our refuge in God our Creator.  We might even find beauty and wonder in these darker corners of creation, as God makes everything beautiful in its time. Register and join us online for the second ever Creation Celebration virtual conference. All proceeds of this event will go to the Roger Sanders Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Registration – ONLY $10 


Creation Celebration 2021 Schedule

Times are given in the Eastern time zone. Each session consists of pre-recorded video presentations that are made available at the time indicated. You can watch them at any time you like after they’re made public. The livestreams are live recordings and can be viewed exactly at the time indicated. Recordings of the livestream will be available after the stream concludes.

Thursday, September 30

  • Session 1 Available at 9 am
    Todd Wood: Welcome to the Celebration!
    Worship video 1 (Joy and Sorrow)
    Talk: Tom Hennigan (Truett-McConnell University) – Creation Care
    Talk: Marcus Ross (Cornerstone Education Supply): Tracks and trails
  • Session 2 Available at 3 pm
    Todd Wood: What is Core Academy of Science?
    Worship video 2 (Water)
    Talk: Hans Madueme (Covenant College) – Jesus Calming Storm
    Talk: Paul Garner (Biblical Creation Trust) – Earthquakes and the Flood
  • Livestream at 6 pm: Storms and hurricanes with Steve Gollmer

Friday, October 1

  • Session 3 Available at 9 am
    Todd Wood: What is the Sanders Scholarship?
    Worship video 3 (The Deep)
    Talk: Jeremy Blaschke (Union University) – Parasites
    Talk: Marcus Ross (Cornerstone Education Supply) – Noah as a New Adam
  • Session 4 Available at 3 pm
    Todd Wood: What is Core Academy working on?
    Worship video 4 (The Feast)
    Talk: Joe Francis (The Master’s University) – COVID, Vaccines, and Disease
    Talk: Doug Smith (Sanders Scholar and PhD student) – Thorns and Thistles
  • Livestream at 5 pm: Parasites and gross stuff with Jeremy Blaschke

Saturday, October 2

  • Livestream at 9 am: Q&A w/ Paul Garner and Todd Wood
  • Session 5 Available at 11 am
    Todd Wood: How you can get involved
    Worship video 5 (The Dark)
    Talk: Andrew Fabich (Truett-McConnell University) – Beauty of Feces
    Talk: Matt McLain (The Master’s University) – Tyrannosaur Predation before the Flood
  • Session 6 Available at 3 pm
    Todd: Thank you
    Worship video 6 (Death and Life)
    Talk: Jean Lightner (Liberty University) – Testimony of House Flood and Truck Crash
    Talk: Marcus Ross (Cornerstone Education Supply) – Cornerstone’s Partnership with Sanders Scholars


Registration – ONLY $10