Please help us mentor the next generation!

exploring the hardest problems in creation

Please help us mentor the next generation!

November 29, 2021 Administration Research 0

Here at Core Academy, we believe God created the world just like it says in Genesis. We also believe that the God who made all this can supply every need that his children have. This year, our need is large. Without our regular public programs, Core Academy has lost both outreach opportunities and revenue. Our faithful donors have come through and provided beyond our hopes, but we still have a ways to go to finish the year in the black. We know that the God who made us already has a plan to provide for our need. Perhaps he’s calling you to be a part of that plan? During this Christmas season, Core Academy is seeking an additional $30,000 to balance our budget for this year so we can enter 2022 in a strong position financially. We’re asking all our supporters to pray for this need and to ask God if he would have you contribute to our work.

Our mission at Core Academy is to nurture the next generation of faithful, Christ-like researchers to explore the hardest problems in creation. During 2021, our public outreach shifted to our new podcast Let’s Talk Creation, produced in cooperation with Biblical Creation Trust. The podcast has opened up a whole new audience of thousands of listeners, and we’re grateful to God for this. Each episode provides insightful commentary on creation, science, and the Bible that you cannot hear anywhere else.

Through our student mentoring ministry, the heartbeat of Core Academy, we’ve expanded our work significantly this year when we recruited a network of scholars at Christian schools across the nation to help us reach the next generation. Through these partnerships, we’re now working with about a dozen students on creation research projects ranging from fossil horses to insect classification to so-called “ape men.” This year, we published the results of yet another student research project in Answers Research Journal!

All of this would not be possible without God’s blessings and your support. Please consider a special gift to help us continue our work and meet our $30,000 goal. Thank you!