Introducing “Research Reports” at Patreon!

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Introducing “Research Reports” at Patreon!

January 24, 2022 Administration Hard Questions Research 0

Many of you have been blessed by the research and scholarly work of our president, Todd Wood, and we’re really excited to announce a brand new way of following his work.  Dr. Wood has just launched a Patreon called Research Reports where he will post research notes, progress, and interact with his patrons.  If you’re looking for a window into much of the work that happens at Core Academy, this is for you!

“I’ve recently been interested in getting more interaction with the behind-the-scenes work that happens here at Core Academy,” said Dr. Wood.  “I hope that this new Patreon will be a great, successful experiment in communicating scholarly work and fostering community.”

Research Reports will include notes on books and papers Dr. Wood is studying, brief summaries of research progress, photos of research work, and maybe even a rough draft or two.  Most importantly, all posts are open to comment, and Dr. Wood invites interaction. “As long as a person’s not there to troll and cause trouble, I hope we can have some good discussions,” Dr. Wood said.  Research Reports already has more than a dozen posts, some with comments and discussions posted.

Through the Patreon platform, individuals can subscribe to Dr. Wood’s Research Reports for $4 per month.  The proceeds will fund research work at Core Academy, especially our work facilitating mentoring for the next generation of creation scholars.  If you’ve ever wanted to dig more deeply into Dr. Wood’s work, ask questions, and interact with him, this is a great opportunity to do it.  Visit to subscribe.