Our Mission

exploring the hardest problems in creation

Our Mission

Core Academy of Science encourages young Christian scholars to explore the hardest problems in creation.  Engineers sometimes classify problems as easy, hard, and impossible. Easy problems are trivial because they can be solved merely by applying known principles.  Impossible problems cannot be solved no matter how hard we try. Hard problems are the problems in between that require the most work but yield the greatest rewards.  Sometimes hard problems are accumulations of many easy problems, and sometimes they turn out to be impossible. When a hard problem is solved, though, it is widely celebrated.

For Christians and especially young-age creationists, understanding creation has many “hard problems.”  Evidences of the great age of the universe and earth can be difficult to explain. Likewise with evidences of evolution.  Creationists reject the conventional explanations that involve millions of years and humans evolving from animals, but alternative explanations that satisfy our scientific curiosity and our desire to remain true to the revealed Word of God are much rarer and not widely accepted.  It is much easier to focus on the detection of error rather than the more difficult discovery of truth.

This focus on error rather than truth pervades evangelical Christianity, because it’s relatively easy.  We all like the easy and impossible. We teach our children to recite verses from the Bible and answers to our catechisms, but when they ask difficult questions, we say, “Only God knows.”  We might even scold them for being impertinent or irreverent.

Core Academy equips the next generation to tackle these great mysteries by first and most importantly helping young scholars to develop a bold, confident faith.  All too often, scholars who face challenging puzzles become disillusioned and stray from the faith. Our first goal, then, must be enriching and nurturing strong faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Creator.

Second, Core Academy wants to stimulate the mind of young people to think more about hard problems and less about easy solutions.  Creationists tend to view “hard problems” or “mysteries” as attacks against creationism that must be rebuffed. Rarely do we admit that difficult questions even exist.  Instead, we resolve the easiest parts of the problem and pretend that those solutions answer everything. This strategy neither answers the question nor inspires the student nor satisfies the critic.  We want the next generation to not only acknowledge the hard problems but to commit to the long, challenging process of solving them.

Third, we want the next generation to be passionate about God’s Creation.  This is God’s world. It’s his handiwork. Studying creation is the greatest adventure we could ever undertake.  Even though it might seem at times that we’ll never figure out solutions to the hard problems, the journey we follow in the process should bring us ultimate satisfaction because God himself is the goal of our quest.  He is infinitely satisfying, and studying his works brings unfathomable pleasure and joy because we’re really studying him. We want this passion for creation and the Creator to inspire our students. No one should ever get stuck on the difficulty of the problems.  That leads to discouragement. Instead, we should see how far we’ve come in understanding the things God has made, and we should keep our eyes on God himself as our goal.

Finally, we want to build a strong, Christian community of these young scholars.  No one should ever undertake these challenges alone. We’ve seen plenty of scholars working in isolation before, and the results are rarely good.  Too many have left the faith altogether. Many others have abandoned the quest to understand and adopted unsound, unbiblical “solutions.” Others become consumed with strange and unhelpful obsessions.  Some just give up being scholars and go into other disciplines altogether. We must support each other on our quest to understand God’s creation. We must make room for the hardest and most difficult questions.  We must encourage one another, pray for one another, bear each other’s burdens. We must walk this road together.

Science and faith are not in conflict.  They are not contradictory. To view the world through science and faith is to view the world as God truly created it.  Creation is a wonder. It’s a joy. It’s filled with the power and majesty of Almighty God.  Every rock, every tree, every star overflows with his glory. Our Father created us with eyes to see and ears to hear, and he delights when we use them to uncover echoes of his tender care.

But we can only find our Father-Creator when we seek him.  Join us as together we explore the hardest problems of creation.

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