Origins 2024 Detailed Schedule

Sunday, July 21

6:30 pm
Registration Opens

7:30 pm
Plenary Presentation
Matt McLain
Creation Biology Society President

Monday, July 22

9:00 am
Creation Biology Society presentations

  • "Examining Biostratigraphic Correlation to Post-Flood Survival Bias within Upper Cenozoic Flood Models," C. Arment
  • "A Preliminary Analysis of Lungless Salamander Baraminology (Caudata: Plethodontidae)," T. Brophy & K. Natelborg
  • "Western Harvester Ant (Pogonomyrmex sp.) Disks and Middens Display Designs to Control Nest Temperature, Trap Seeds and Promote Plant Growth, Participating in the Formation of Islands of Fertility in the High Desert," J. Francis & J. Blaschke
  • "Using Biology to Construct an Interpretive Model of History that Informs Young-earth Research and Supports Baraminology," J. Ramgren
  • "Preliminary Analysis of Plesiosaur Baraminology," S. Schupbach & M. McLain
  • "A Preliminary Baraminological and Biostratigraphic Analysis of Giraffoidea," C. Ryan & P. Brummel
  • 12:00 pm
    Lunch (included)

    1:30 pm
    Creation Theology Society presentations

  • "Antiquity and Arithmetic: Rhetorical Criticism, Noah's Ark, and Hyperbole," D. Burlet
  • "Assessing the Translation Technique of Greek Genesis: the Flood Account as a Case Study," D. Smith
  • "Coming Home to Creationism: A Testimony," H. Madueme
  • 4:30 pm
    Break for dinner (not provided)

    7:30 pm
    Plenary Presentation
    Hans Madueme
    Covenant College

    Tuesday, July 23

    8:30 am
    Introduction to Interdisciplinary Session
    "Created Kinds as Science and Theology"
    Todd Charles Wood
    Core Academy of Science

    9:00 am
    Interdisciplinary Session on Created Kinds

  • "The Distribution, Function and Meaning of ‘min’ in the Hebrew Bible," B. Cole
  • "Animal Crackers," S. Boyd
  • "TBA," J. Lyon
  • 12:00 pm
    Lunch (included)

    1:30 pm
    Interdisciplinary Panel Discussion on Created Kinds

    3:30 pm

    4:00 pm
    Creation Geology Society presentations

  • "Tracking the Trends: Analysis of Over 100 Radiocarbon Measurements in 'Ancient' Fossil Material," E. Isaacs & T. Clarey
  • "A Reassessment of the Timing of Terrestrial Tetrapod Extinction and the Period of Worldwide Submergence During the Flood," C. Ryan
  • "Is the Paleolithic a True Historical Period? Developing a Database of Archaeological Sites from the Ancient Near East," T. Wood & P. Brummel
  • 7:30 pm
    Plenary Presentation
    Paul Garner
    Biblical Creation Trust

    Wednesday, July 24

    9:00 am
    Mastodon State Historic Site
    Optional Field Trip